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For over 18 years I have taught at Musicians Institute Developing Artists for Industry Showcases, taught Interactive Songwriting lectures at the Grammy's Clive David Theatre, taught Songwriting courses for the Grammy Museum NARAS Program, taught at UCLA Creative Arts Extension Program and worked with clients on stage performance, production, songwriting, vocals, persona, image, and all that is needed in the music industry. Some of these include: Anderson Paak, Bishop Briggs, Troy Laureate, Natania Lalwani, King Mala, Devmo,  Danny Byrne, Josh Misko, Travis Cormier, Crawford and more.... all have gone on to have successful careers in music!


Bishop Briggs

"Anika is a phenomenal artist, producer and individual. The minute we began recording she came up with creative ideas of making the take better and didn’t hesitate to offer me new suggestions. Anika is the first person I go to when it comes to songwriting and vocal production and after gaining more experience in the music business I have found her to be the best in this industry today." 


Natania Lalwani

"Anika Paris is one of my biggest influences in music. You can hear hints of her in every song of mine. She is a huge part of my music career and is my go to person to seek any advice in this industry. She is one in a million and a rarity in the Music Business. I feel so lucky and grateful to get to work with her." 



“Anika is a huge influence in my music career. I’ve been lucky enough to have her as a mentor and coach and is a pivotal key to my growth as an artist/songwriter. Anika is so knowledgeable of the music industry and is the best person to go to for advice and to take my songs to the next level. She has always been a huge advocate of me and my music career and I’m forever grateful for her!”

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