We are busy knee deep in composing for the new full feature documentary called Light Years, written and directed by Claire Panke!

Light Years profiles three people who teach us that when we change our mind about what's possible in our lives, we change our lives...at any age.

One of the three storylines and characters is an inside look into my late grandmother Anita Velez-Mitchell's last years.

This beautiful documentary by Claire Panke is not her first. She also wrote, produced and directed a documentary called A Chance to Grow that won the CINE Golden Eagle Award and premiered on The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Television and other international venues and directed three short documentaries, Liberty Street, Christina, and Glacé.

Like and follow Light Years on Facebook, visit the website to watch the trailer.

Updates, and peaks inside the studio will post as we get closer to the premiere!

BEST! Anika & Dean


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