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I was raised in a musical family, my late father a philharmonic conductor, and my mother a poet and publisher. Growing up, I attended symphony concerts weekly and was privileged to travel to Europe four months out of the year, performing in shows my father was conducting. By the age of eleven, started writing my own original songs, eventually recording, performing and touring. Off stage, I continue to write/produce and develop artists and projects in music, film and multi-media.



Credits: Anika is a CRIA (Canadian Recording Industry Association) platinum award-winning songwriter, recipient of ASCAP’s Abe Oleman Scholarship, and HOLA Award Winner for outstanding music in the musical Temple of the Souls. Her songs can be heard in major motion pictures and on television. She composes for Warner Bros Telepictures, Multistages Theatre Company and for the League of Professional Theatre Women, was music supervisor and composer for  "Light Years" Documentary and is a voting member for NARAS (Grammy's). 

With over twenty-five years of experience “on and off” the stage, Anika is an advocate and educator in music. She is a classically trained pianist with a BA in Film/Music from KU, and adjunct professor at Musician’s Institute and UCLA Creative Arts Extension. She's a performance coach, guest speaker and author of two educational books Stage Performance Secrets, and Five Star Music Makeover with Hal Leonard. As a poet, her works are published in numerous anthologies and her book Woven Voices (Scapegoat Press) was nominated for the International Latin Poetry Award. 


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